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Samson: What role athletes and teams have in the fight for equality and justice

Samson: What role athletes and teams have in the fight for equality and justice

David Samson discusses the current events and what role sports plays

Following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck despite the victim saying, "I can't breathe," protests against police violence and racism have occurred throughout the country. In light of the protests and demands on social media for things to change, many athletes and teams have joined the cause and released statements on the situation. Some have even joined the protests.

David Samson sits down on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to discuss the role athletes, sports and all of us have in creating a safer and accepting world.

Samson starts out saying, "Leagues right now are taking the opportunity to make statements," while commenting that the NFL's statement felt "tone deaf."

"Maybe this is the moment that baseball players and other athletes will stand up," he said, adding that a statement isn't enough. "Step one is saying this is it. Step two is making those words matter."

Samson's overall message was, "It's not about statements, it's about words and then the actions that follow … Do it instead of talking about it."

He urges everyone, no matter the platform, to make a difference.

Samson said:

"From my standpoint isn't that the most important part of having your platform? Whether it's one person, 50,000 or 50 million? What are you doing right now? Let's start at the top and go down. Let's start at the president and go all the way down to your next door neighbor. How are they reacting to what's happening now?

When discussing what responsibility athletes have in matters such as this, he said, "Players have a critical role in being role models in racial relations."

The podcast host applauded the NBA for being a leader, but noted that MLB has felt behind in using their platform for the cause.

He said regarding MLB players, however, "Finally they're not [quiet]."

Samson applauded players who have shared ways they hope to improve, but emphasized throughout the podcast that talking about it is one thing, following through is what's important.

"When you have behaviors that are no longer premeditated that just happens naturally it matters, because you have made yourself into the person who knows right from wrong," he said.

Samson hopes through all this we are able to take steps for change on every level.

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