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Yes, Aaron Judge, this season was a failure for the Yankees, but what exactly went wrong?

Yes, Aaron Judge, this season was a failure for the Yankees, but what exactly went wrong?

David Samson breaks down what went wrong with the Yankees

David Samson sits down to give his honest opinion on the New York Yankees postseason performance on "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

After the stunning ALCS loss to the Houston Astros that came from a walk-off two-run home run by Jose Altuve off the hands of Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman, Aaron Judge called the season a "failure."

"He said it. I didn't but I could've said it. I wanted to say it," Samson says, agreeing 100 percent with the star's comments.

He admits it is not just Judge's fault, but that does not diminish the truth to the statement. "When you're the New York Yankees and you have been to the World Series in every decade since 1910, what do you call it when you don't make it to the World Series?" Samson asks.

While a lot of teams would love to make the ALCS even if they lost because that means more money, more season-ticket holders, sponsors and happier fans, for the Yankees and what they were expecting, this is a failure.

Samson was upset that the 27-year-old Judge was the spokesman for the team and wants to hear from management about what they are going to do to turn this around and make the next decade successful.

While some mistakes are understandable, the misjudged pitch by Chapman that ended up concluding the Yankees season is inexcusable to Samson, who also rants about the number of pitchers used in the game and the time it took to finish Game 6.

Chapman's slider is not lights out like it used to be, he cannot throw 100 mph like before and Samson credits his smile, if you can call it that, at the end to him knowing he just made a grave mistake.

At the end of the day, the Yankees have a lot of people to answer to following this type of loss.

What do you do? Samson says make a lot of changes, and says these changes are expected to come. He says not everyone, including Edwin Encarnación, should be brought back.

He sums up their journey this season saying, "The Yankees were built to get to October, not to get through October."

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