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Young hockey player steals show with an adorable interview during Capitals game

Young hockey player steals show with an adorable interview during Capitals game

Someone has been taking notes on public speaking

The Washington Capitals beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3 earlier in the week, but the real highlight of the night was the "Mite of the Nite" interview.

Young hockey player Jackson Friedlander talked one-on-one with a reporter between periods and sounded like he had been giving interviews his entire life.

This might have been the greatest Mite of the Nite interview EVER. @AAAMidAtlantic

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) October 17, 2019

When his name was introduced over the loud speaker, Jackson's face lit up. He was asked about what it was like to play on the same ice the Caps skate on and he delivered a message far beyond his years.

"Remember, hockey is not about winning it's always about having fun," the youth hockey player turned motivational speaker said.

Clearly someone has been listening to his coach.

He went on to say his favorite player was Capitals star Alex Ovechkin and then talked about the large appetite of his pet tarantula named Michael… because why not? Props to his parents for letting him have a pet spider.

The "Mite of the Nite" scored two goals during intermission and the crowd got to watch a playback of his highlights. As the highlight reel was introduced, Jackson continued to keep it real, sharing how he was feeling that night:

"I'm so excited, I'm like seriously excited. I'm kinda shy but mostly excited and courageous."

He could've fooled me that he was shy. Jackson looked like he had all the confidence in the world out there.

Jackson ended his time in the spotlight like any veteran interviewer would, thanking his team and his parents for helping him get to where he was. If hockey doesn't end up working out for the little athlete, motivational speaking just might.

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